Room Acoustics

Any critical listening space, whether a concert hall, auditorium, classroom, courtroom, museum, or house of worship, requires careful attention to acoustics. Room configuration, materiality, and sound reflection criteria are all important considerations. Our design approach integrates careful architectural shaping with materials and finishes strategies to tailor an optimal environment for performance and/or spoken word.

Audio/Video Design

Our design methodology develops AV systems in concert with architectural / acoustical concepts, functional layouts, and operational considerations. Well-coordinated documents that respect both a client’s scope and budget are the hallmark of our systems approach, yielding fundamental approaches aligned with a client’s needs.

Theater Consulting

In addition to Acoustic and AV Consulting, ED+A Acoustics can provide Theatrical Lighting / Rigging Consulting services, seamlessly bringing together the disciplines of acoustics, audio/video and performance lighting and rigging.

Noise and Vibration

Successful sound and vibration isolation of mechanical systems requires careful study of a building’s equipment and space allocations, air distribution strategies, and specific noise criteria. We comprehensively study noise and vibration generating systems throughout the design process, following their conceptualization and development in pursuit of minimal acoustic impact.

LEED Acoustics and Materials

Sustainability of materials and systems is a critical component of any green strategy, with LEED v4 establishing new credits for room acoustics, background noise, acoustical finishes, speech privacy, sound isolation, sound reinforcement systems, and masking and paging systems. We have completed dozens of LEED certified buildings, and understand how to design in harmony with acoustically appropriate materials choices.

Acoustic Field Testing

Noise from neighbors, sound systems, concerts, trains, or other vehicles can be highly intrusive and unwelcome. Our acoustic experts measure and analyze environmental noise from any number of sources, developing mitigation strategies for addressing problematic sound.

Expert Witness

Along with our partners in the A/E/C industry, we work to manage the design, development, and construction process. When appropriate, we can arrange for professional representation and / or expert witness services in the management and oversight of projects.

Product Development

Working closely with contractors and manufacturers, we aid in the design, development, and testing of new acoustic products. We maintain a close relationship with local and national equipment and materials manufacturers, and keep abreast of the latest industry trends and products.

Signaling / Fire Alarm Testing

Intelligibility of voice communication alarms and signaling systems are a critical aspect of emergency egress plans. We work with the specific aspects of NFPA 72: (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code) to confirm STI and CIS values in compliance with NFPA guidelines.