Senior Acoustic Consultant

Samuel Shroyer attended Columbia College Chicago, graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Acoustics.  Through the Acoustics program at CCC, he studied theory relating to architectural, environmental, and engineered areas of acoustics in addition to acoustical testing and modeling practices.  His experience in the program culminated in an independent research study, “Noise Exposure Assessment and Improvement at a Recreational Indoor Shooting Range”.  He also served as an active member of the CCC student chapter of the Acoustical Society of America.

Before joining ED+A Acoustics, Mr. Shroyer gained working experience in the field of acoustical consulting as an intern at Acoustics By Design, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  There he assisted with industrial noise modeling, environmental noise studies, and room acoustics analyses with contributions ranging from on-site measurements to data analysis.  Mr. Shroyer’s projects at Acoustics By Design, Inc. consisted of a diverse clientele, ranging from a convent to an automobile manufacturing facility.

At ED+A Acoustics, Mr. Shroyer has been instrumental in overseeing on-site acoustical measurements, data analysis, and noise modeling for acoustical impact studies and noise mitigation for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.  Mr. Shroyer has also conducted several long-term noise monitoring engagements for municipal, residential, and commercial purposes, while also providing acoustic recommendations for many theater and commercial construction projects.