Nick Mandly
BS Music & Communications

Acoustic Consultant

Nick graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Music and Communications. Throughout his academic journey, he honed his skills in music theory, design, and various aspects of the music industry. During his time at Northeastern, Nick demonstrated his passion for project-oriented work by participating in three six-month co-ops within the Music Industry. These experiences allowed him to collaborate effectively with diverse teams on a broad range of projects.

Having developed a keen interest in Acoustics, Nick is excited to bring his multidisciplinary background to ED+A Acoustics. Since joining the firm, he has been actively involved in on-site measurements and data analysis on acoustical testing projects. Nick contributes to the successful completion of a diverse array of projects, ranging from theaters and lecture halls to residential buildings by performing acoustical calculations, devising acoustical criteria, reviewing design phase drawings, and composing comprehensive reports that include detailed acoustical analysis and solutions.