LEED Acoustics and Materials

LEED buildings are notorious for poor acoustics. As more and more interior finishes are being replaced by sustainable acoustic materials (often clean, green, and very reflective) buildings become louder, and many sustainable design strategies oppose those for good acoustics. ED+A has completed over 20 LEED Certified buildings and as a LEED AP we understand how to achieve excellent acoustics and still meet LEED goals.

LEED v4 is currently being developed and will extend LEED requirements beyond the current requirements for Schools and Healthcare Facilities.  LEED v4 will establish more in depth acoustic requirements for all New Construction including credits for: Room Acoustics, Background Noise, Acoustical Finishes, Speech Privacy, Sound Isolation, RT, Sound Reinforcement Systems, Masking and Paging systems. The National Council of Acoustic Consultants has been instrumental in refining the LEED v4 Acoustic requirements and as an NCAC member we have had the opportunity to review and comment on these changes, becoming intimately familiar with all of the upcoming LEED requirements.

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