Boston's Restaurant Outdoor Bar
Delray Beach, FL (2011)

Boston's Restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida has over 30 TVs and often provides live entertainment, so it is important that the acoustics are accommodating. ED+A developed acoustical design approaches for the project's exterior environment in order to minimize the transmission of music off the property. They also developed design approaches for room configurations, area shaping, and sound reflection criteria.

Architect: Currie Sowards Aguila Architects, Delray Beach, FL

Broken Sound Clubhouse
Boca Raton, FL (2010)

The Broken Sound Clubhouse renovation included the fixing of the Card Suite Addition, the Card Suite Lobby, and the New Board Room. ED+A provided acoustic consulting, mechanical noise control, and AV system design.

Architect: Peacock and Lewis Architects and Planners, North Palm Beach, FL

Doral Trump Legends Conference Center
Doral, FL (2013)

The 24,000 square foot Legends Ballroom is made up of a pre-function space both indoors and outside, and is used for hosting both business meetings and social events. ED+A aided in the renovation of the conference center by reviewing acoustic conditions, reviewing the various wall panel systems, and preparing a list of recommendations to fix any problems.

Architect: Nichols/Page Design Associates, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Greystone Hotel
Miami Beach, FL (2013)

ED+A provided acoustic consulting, mechanical noise control, and AV system consulting for the Greystone Hotel in Miami Beach, FL. The rooms that were worked on include the basement/bar/entertainment venue, the ground floor restaurant/lounge, the second/third level hotel rooms, and the roof deck.

Architect: Claro Development, Miami, FL

Heron Bay Clubhouse
Parkland, FL (2011)

The existing Multi-Purpose Room within the Heron Bay Clubhouse was too reverberant for the functions held in the room. To fix this problem, ED+A determined what acoustic product to use, its location, and other important acoustic details.

Architect: Castles Design Group Inc., Houston, TX

IBIS Country Club
West Palm Beach, FL (2014)

This project involved the addition of the Clubhouse at the IBIS Country Club. ED+A provided acoustic consulting regarding the Bar Lounge, the Card Rooms, the Formal Dining Room, the Ballroom, the Boardroom, the Grill Dining Room, the Lounge Lobby, and the Pre-Function Rooms.

Architect: Leo A Daly, West Palm Beach, FL

Private Club
Martin County, FL (2013)

The Private Club's Clubhouse features over 68,000 square feet of space, including dining venues, a golf shop, and a spa. ED+A provided acoustic consulting by preparing an exterior equipment review and analysis, an interior acoustic analysis, and construction noise control/mediation.

Architect: Hart Howerton, New York, NY

La Gorce Palace Condominiums
Miami Beach, FL (2013)

The La Gorce Palace Condominiums in Miami Beach, Florida were facing noise issues coming from an adjacent cooling tower and another motel. ED+A provided a noise study by taking acoustic measurements and making recommendations on how to fix this issue.

Architect: The Seiger Suarez Architectural Partnership, Miami, FL

Latitude 360 Crossgates
Albany, NY (2014)

Latitude 360 Crossgates in Albany, New York is a large family entertainment destination that was built within a former "big box" retail store. ED+A worked on bettering the acoustic qualities of the LIVE Dinner Theater, which is used for events ranging from standup comedy to live music performances and movies. It was imperative that this room be isolated from the noise of the bowling alley and game rooms. ED+A also worked on the public space and reducing the reverberation within the room.

Architect: Roy Williams Architect Inc., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Lost Tree Clubhouse
North Palm Beach, FL (2010)

ED+A worked on the Dining Rooms, the Mixed Grille Room, the Nicklaus Room, and the Women's Card Room for the Lost Tree Clubhouse in North Palm Beach, Florida. ED+A recorded the reverberation times for each room and verified the room finished for those spaces.

Architect: Peacock and Lewis Architects and Planners, North Palm Beach, FL

Marriott Hotel
Marco Island, FL (2012)

The new Marriott Hotel in Marco Island contains 726 rooms and 63 spacious suites with lavish amenities and private terraces. ED+A provided acoustic design services, mechanical noise control, and FIIC/FSTC acoustic testing services.

Architect: HKS Architects, Inc., Miami, FL

Orchid Island Dining Room
Vero Beach, FL

The Dining Room at the Orchid Island Clubhouse recently underwent a renovation, and ED+A provided consulting in both room acoustics and sound isolation for this project.

Architect: NCG Architects, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Pirates Voyage
Myrtle Beach, SC (2011)

A main concern of the project was ensuring that appropriate levels of background noise are maintained within the sanctuary. It is crucial that the design of the space prevents noise from emanating from adjacent spaces, as well as other factors. ED+A provided acoustic consulting and sound isolation techniques for the theater within the Pirates Voyage restaurant.

Architect: Pegram Associates Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC

Resorts World Bimini Hotel
Bimini Island, Bahamas (2014)

The new Resorts World Bimini Hotel in the Bahamas brought in ED+A to provide acoustic consulting and mechanical noise control, built under the Hilton Hotel design guidelines.

Architect: Jarosz Development Corporation, Coconut Grove, FL

Sailfish Point Clubhouse
Hutchinson Island, FL (2013)

The 60,000 square foot Sailfish Point Clubhouse recently underwent renovations to provide a more comfortable environment for its social gatherings and activities. ED+A provided acoustic consulting for the Beach Club, Ocean Dining Room, Pit Area, Ocean Lounge, Card Rooms, Halfway House, and Fitness Center.

Architect: Peacock and Lewis Architects and Planners, North Palm Beach, FL

Wellington Community & Tennis Center
Wellington, FL (2013)

The Wellington Community Center is a large, multi-use facility with over 28,000 square feet of space available to hold events and functions. The Wellington Tennis Center, right next to the Community Center, contains 16 courts and a Pro Shop. ED+A provided acoustic consulting, mechanical noise control, and AV design for these projects.

Architect: Song + Associates, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL