Academic - K-12

Coral Springs Charter School - Fine Arts Wing
Coral Springs, FL (2007)

The addition of a $3.2 million Fine Arts Wing to the Coral Springs Charter School introduced a 300-seat auditorium; and band, vocal, and practice rooms to an eager student body and faculty. To accommodate the diversity of uses within these spaces, ED+A provided room acoustics design, and mechanical site noise evaluation services.

Architect: CPZ Architects, Plantation, FL

Devon Aire K-8 Music/Arts Center
Miami, FL (2007)

Designed to support a wide range of uses, the Music Arts Center in Miami is exemplary in its form and function. Acoustical design was provided for all music and art classrooms. Mechanical and noise control recommendations were also produced to restrict the intrusion of sound from one sound-critical space into another.

Architect: Wolfberg Alvarez & Partners, Plantation, FL

The First Academy Black Box Theatre
Orlando, FL (2014)

The First Academy in Orlando, Florida recently opened its new Black Box Theatre to give its music students a comfortable place to practice and perform. In order to create an acoustic environment fitting for those utilizing the theater, ED+A tested acoustic qualities of the space, developed design approaches, and recommended materials that would significantly reduce unwanted reverberation.

Architect: Tercilla Courtemanche Architects, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL

Golden Gate High School – Band Room - Collier Co.
School Board Naples, FL (2009)

An acoustic study of the space, including room configuration, volume and proportion, wall and ceiling shaping, reverberation, and sound reflection criteria was made, resulting in acoustic design recommendations.

Client: District School Board of Collier County

Meyer Hall at Dreyfoos School of the Arts
West Palm Beach, FL (2013)

ED+A was brought in to provide acoustic and AV consulting services for the Meyer Hall at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts. ED+A's ongoing role has been to review the existing Architectural, Mechanical, and AV systems and make recommendations for the renovation and new systems necessary to bring the venue up to appropriate national school of the art’s standards.

Architect: Jackson-Reeger Inc., Gainesville, FL

Miami Public School District - Arts and Music Prototype –
MM1/PP1/UU1 (LEED) , Miami, FL (2008)

In collaboration with design architect Spillis Candela, ED+A was responsible for room acoustics and mechanical noise control consulting services. These would serve as prototypes for the above referenced middle schools. Focus was on the media center, CCTV production studio, language arts theatre, cafeteria/auditorium, chorus and band rehearsal spaces, and guitar and piano suites.

Architect: Spillis Candela, Coral Gables, FL

Pine Crest Academy - Auditorium
Boca Raton, FL (2005)

After a roof collapse in 2004, ED+A was retained to provide an acoustical analysis of this 750-seat proscenium theater used for choral, band and orchestral events. Noise control and sound isolation consulting services were also provided and approaches recommended for acoustic improvement.

Architect: Zyscovich Architects, Miami, FL

Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Sr. High School (LEED)
Miami, FL (2005)

Within the design criteria of the new Miami-Dade High School, ED+A provided room acoustics approaches and mechanical noise control consulting services for the following sound-sensitive spaces: auditorium/cafeteria, band room, choral rehearsal room, music practice rooms, video production, and CCTV studios.

Architect: Arquitectonica, Miami, FL

Jupiter Middle School of Technology – Music Lab
Prototype, Jupiter, FL (2010)

Designed to meet the parameters developed for the Palm Beach School District’s Music Lab Prototype, this school offers a music curriculum that includes playing, composing, arranging, studying music literature, and performing in the student's choice of media. The renovation involved room acoustics and mechanical noise control for the band and music classrooms.

Architect: MPA Architects, West Palm Beach, FL

The King’s Academy
West Palm Beach, FL (2010)

Known for being one of the most prestigious private academies in Florida, The King's Academy retained ED+A to resolve the problem of poor sound quality within the gymnatorium. In order to provide an acoustically flexible space for music, dance, theatre, and sporting events, room measurements were taken and tests were performed, A report containing recommendations resulted.

Client: The King’s Academy

St. Andrew's School Dance Studio
Boca Raton, FL (2011)

ED+A was asked to provide acoustical consulting for the renovation of the St. Andrew’s School Dance Studio in Boca Raton, Florida. ED+A provided help with mechanical noise control by establishing criteria for silencers and vibration isolation devices, AV design by developing drawings for AV system locations, and theatrical design consulting by designing a theatrical rigging system.

Architect: St. Andrew's School

St. Mark's Auditorium
West Palm Beach, FL (2012)

ED+A’s responsibilities for the St. Mark’s Church New Auditorium and Music Rooms included Architectural Acoustics, Mechanical Noise Control, Audio Video and Theatrical Equipment Design. The 6,000 square foot multipurpose auditorium can be divided into three individual rooms for smaller events. The Band and Choral room designs were based on the Palm Beach County Music Room Prototype, developed by ED+A.

Architect: Leo A Daly, West Palm Beach, FL

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